Monday, March 14, 2011


I don't think any supplement has created the buzz that creatine has, well, no legal supplement.  One study years ago showed an increase in lean muscle mass after supplementing creatine when compared to protein powder and glucose (sugar).  Then the rumor mill began to spin and the 'closet pharmacists' (self professed experts on supplements) started to tell people the 'best way to use creatine.'  Like everything else we have talked about there is actually a science behind creatine.  It is naturally occuring and we get it in the meats that we eat.  So, vegetarians will get the biggest effect from creatine supplementation.  The other truth about creatine is that it's function inside the body is in the initial energy burst or the first 10 seconds of exercise. So, if your sport lasts longer than 10 seconds you will not derive any benefit from creatine supplementation.  Check out the video, Kim and I cover it in more detail. 

One warning for very careful what you use for supplements and the reputation of the company who produces it.  If you are tested and something shows up because you didn't use a reputible supplement, you are the one who will pay the price, not the supplement maker.  Only use approved supplements!

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